Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency or crypto currency is a digital asset that allows secure transactions between entities using cryptography. It also allows a controlled creation of additional units of the currency. Want to know more? Read our guide.

How do I obtain cryptocurrency?

You can either mine cryptocurrency, buy it on an exchange or from a cryptocurrency holder, or get it transferred in exchange for services or products you provide.

How do you calculate prices for various cryptocurrencies?

Prices are calculated as a volume weighted average of all prices reported for each market.

What is “Market cap” and do you calculate it?

Market cap is short for market capitalization. It shows the total value or size of a certain cryptocurrency in circulation. It’s a product between the price of a specific coin and it’s circulating supply.

Market cap = Price × Circulating Supply What is the “24h volume” of a specific cryptocurrency?

The 24-hour volume is the sum value of all trades on all exchanges that are listing a specific cryptocurrency in the last 24 hours.

24h volume = ∑ Price × Amount traded (on all exchanges in the last 24 hours)

How do I follow a certain cryptocurrency (watchlist feature)?

Simply press the star symbol in the first column of the line with the cryptocurrency you want to follow. If it’s added successfully, the line will become orange-colored, and the cryptocurrency will be shown on your watchlist (drop down menu on the top of the page). However, you need to be registered to use this feature.

Can I use your content (screenshots, data, graphs, articles etc.) for my use, personal and/or commercial?

Absolutely, feel free to use our content as you please, but try to cite us as a source whenever possible.

In what time zone is the site based?

UTC time unless otherwise specified.