Web Research and Data Extraction

Have you ever heard of Extraction of Online data? Do you know: what is web research? Well, Web research is nothing but utilizing the WWW to gather, analyze and manipulate data that would boost your business in many ways.


Web data extraction service has till date been the fastest technique of collecting data online. By utilizing certain tools made for acquiring a large amount of information swiftly and also completely about almost any topic from various sources in the internet, web data extraction has drastically improved the research process when compared with another procedure used before.


Blue Pacific Infoline is a data extraction service provider that is dedicated to delivering high quality, leading-edge internet research and data extraction services. Our team of web research professionals sort through vast amounts of data available on the internet and seek out the pertinent information. You can base your critical business decisions on the precious data that will be provided by us from the World Wide Web specifically customized for your needs in particular.


Our experts have visited millions of web pages seeking valuable data that can guide your most critical business strategy decisions. We cover the entire spectrum of services right from web data extraction, internet research, internet survey, web data mining and analysis and also include services ranging from web content mining to prospect list generation. This broad spectrum of services has empowered us in becoming one of the fastest growing web data extractors.

Benefits from our Data capture/Internet research services:

  • Benefits from our Data capture/Internet research services:

  • Develop and grow your prospect list

  • Identify opportunities and potential problems in the marketplace

  • Increase your business intelligence

  • Stay ahead of your competitors

  • Development of the tailor made plans

  • Implementation of plans to particular industry

Gathering Data

The normal way of collecting data is by means of researches inside data banks and also through libraries by experts and their aides. A different way to collect data is through survey questionnaires that are given physically to the respondents. Though, higher technological innovation has helped in a mechanical approach of accumulating data by means of online searching.

Web Data Extraction involves getting information from target web sites. Once the extraction is carried out, it may be done again to ensure that if there are modifications or updates in the data collected previously, then you will be capable of harvesting them too. You could possibly then save the information in spreadsheets of XTML forms. Then you can browse and also apply the saved data and utilize it as per your needs in any manner of your choice.

The best thing about web extraction is that you can acquire maximum amount of data from many sources and can place them together and keep them prepared for use whenever required. You are able to create mashups, watch pricing of rivals, follow client viewpoints from blogs and forums, standardize online tasks and also conduct custom research. Also, anyone can conserve time and money since you also won’t require extra manpower to assist you to gather data.

As you know, any business can grow on the Database, may it be the sales side or the management one. The right data can push the business up and lead it towards growth by exploring the opportunities lying in the market. Requirement of data depends upon the class of your business, location, size of your business and many of such factors. What we do for you is we not only search information from websites, but we can also suggest you tailor made plans for enriching the database depending upon class, size and location of your business and many of such factors. Implement the plan and provide the data that will be of great value to your business.


To go a step ahead, we also have call center employees who can talk to your prospective clients and can fix the appointments that your sales team can deal with at the time convenient to them and convert that data into sales. In this way your sales team will not have to make calls to every prospective client but they can call only those people who are primarily interested in your product or services. This will avoid wastage of your time and money in shape of wrong targeted calls and visits by your sales team.


Just contact us for data extraction service in Dubai and data extraction service in India and grow your business on the basis of right and accurate data and efficient sales calls.