Telephonic Surveys

Where is the business opportunity lying ?

Information and feedback are two very important sources by which business moves are based. If you want to learn about your customers' thoughts on you, your product and/or services, or if you simply want to gather personal information from them, do a market research survey. Market research surveys or telephone surveys are a must if you want first-hand information from both current customers and clients.

This is the only direct research tool which is reasonably reliable simultanelusly being inexpensive. It is wise and practical for businesses to launch a customer satisfaction survey or customer service phone survey and use the data gathered to plan more effective sales and marketing campaigns.

The question is, does your team have the time to do the interviews? Solution is with us.Blue Pacific Infoline  offers a variety of phone survey services – phone market research, customer survey services, customer service satisfaction surveys. Blue Pacific Infoline’s highly trained call agents can do a survey over the phone to find out what your market really thinks of you. Through a telephone survey, we will interview your customers and ask them the right questions to provide you with the market information that applies to your business. Our agents are trained to effectively collect as much valuable information as possible. We also provide Quality Assurance analysts to monitor all agents, ensuring call quality.

Our callers will follow a script that you provide, or we can create one for you to poll the opinion of your valued customers. If you don't know what's on your customers' minds today, we'll launch a customer phone survey to find out and let you know. You can then track the progress and success of your campaign through Blue Pacific Infoline’s Technical support team.  

Make you Trade shows great success by timely follow up calls

Companies spend significant dollars each year exhibiting at trade shows and other events in an effort to collect qualified sales leads. Here are some reasons businesses exhibit at trade shows: 

  • To research the competition
  • To generate leads for future sales
  • To build a mailing list with quality names
  • To find better or cheaper suppliers
  • To build rapport with current customers
  • To increase company's visibility within the industry
  • To generate excitement around a new product   

Tradeshow success lies in leads nurturing, and not only on your performance at the show. Your success requires thoughtful, calculated leads follow-up on all viable leads that you and your team generated from the exhibition floor. Blue Pacific Infoline can take care of your trade show leads nurturing. We understand that in lead qualification, timing is critical. Our team of professional callers will quickly call your raw, unqualified leads so that no opportunity gets lost and you can immediately begin leveraging the time of your sales team. 

Immediately on completion of Trade shows, we begin leads qualification. We contact your leads by email and phone. We prepare and send specific information your potential customers requested and even include a personalized message. Constant communication and delivery of detailed product or service information that directly address customer needs will help you solidify the sale. For don’t let a hot prospect become a cold lead because too much time has passed before you've made contact.

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