Tele Marketing Services

Efficient tele-calling multiplies your opportunities

Blue Pacific Infoline is a telemarketing services provider that specializes in providing the best Telemarketing services, Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Market Research, and telesales in the industry. Blue Pacific Infoline as a company is fully devoted to the idea of telemarketing services and outbound telemarketing, these are the only functions we perform as a company and as a result Blue Pacific Infoline has mastered the art of telemarketing in order to become a premier telemarketing service provider in India.

We have development a high tech state-out-the-art outbound call center specifically for the purpose of telemarketing outsourcing. What makes Blue Pacific Infoline different from the other telemarketing agencies is the very fact that we not only are the masters but have also employed masters in telemarketing. Whatever it might be right from outbound lead generation or converting good telemarketing leads in customers nothing is too big a target to the dexterous team of Blue Pacific Infoline.

So if you are thinking about outsourcing telemarketing functions which is popularly known as "telemarketing outsource" or looking for B2B telemarketing or even longing for telemarketing tips than we can assure you that no one can aid you like us.

Features of our outbound telesales services

  • Dedicated Telemarketing person including a Client Services Manager, Project Manager and Senior Supervisor
  • Real-time reporting of outbound telemarketing services
  • Anytime monitoring, supervised or blind
  • The ability to communicate directly to CSRs via chat while monitoring outbound telemarketing activities
  • Full access to all Outbound Telemarketing staff and all data at all times

Our Tele marketing Services includes

  • Appointment Setting
  • Cross Selling and Upselling
  • Product Telemarketing Services
  • Market Research & Survey
  • Product or Service Promotion
  • Lead Generation
  • Voice Broadcast

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