Survey Questionnaire Processing

One of the most effective survey tools in today's world - Questionnaires

Survey questionnaires contain critical information that represents the class of population that is being studied. The approach to apprehend survey data information has to be correct and very quick as the processes to collect survey data is lengthy and contains certain demographical details that change over a period of time.

Blue Pacific Infoline has experience in survey / questionnaire form processing, data extraction and analysis that can make sure that you get the most out of your survey projects. We have an expertise in dealing with online survey questionnaires where the answers to the questionnaire questions are given on the website and we can provide a real-time monitoring and analysis of the whole questionnaire.

We can handle both structured (well formatted forms – with defined tabular columns, such as vouchers/coupons) as well as non-structured forms with options of open-ended or close-ended questions.

Why Blue Pacific Infoline?

  • Acquiring statistical information from large sample size is possible with our skilled and scalable manpower.
  • As the results are made available in standardized format, they are easy to monitor.
  • Free from several types of errors.
  • Greatly reduced operational cost with savings up to 50%.

Make surveys and get valuable inferences to grow your business while leaving the job of inferring from surveys to us!