Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay only if you get your prospective customer on your website

Are you new to internet marketing and don't know: What is PPC?

Don't worry we are here for you.

SEO has a lot to do with the visits of your prospective customer over your website but it takes little time to buzz your website on search engines. While "Pay Per Click "or PPC campaigns are the most dominant form of online advertising. On a very basic level, PPC programs pay revenue each time a user clicks on the advertisement widget that you have on your website. Such PPC ads are what actually generate the revenue.

Advertisers fix the price per click with the website administrator. It could be a fixed price for every click that is made or a bidding procedure that it  is put into place so that advertisers can bid for ad spots on your website. The highest bidder wins the ad spot and the decided price per click has to be paid to the website owner. Keywords play a vital role in PPC campaign; as a matter of fact PPC is quite often called Keyword PPC. For a successful PPC earning effort, the website administrators have to indulge in extensive keyword research. The keywords of the website must match the keywords that the advertisers are looking at.

PPC outsource or PPC search engine marketing is one of the latest approach nowadays and Blue Pacific Infoline being one of the conspicuous PPC Management Companies in India

Blue Pacific Infoline India's expert team ascertains what kind of keywords work for you and what your target demographics are. We study the websites that our clients have. We integrate keywords in the websites to make them more palatable to the advertisers who sell on related domains.

Take a quick look at what our PPC campaigns do for your brand:

  • Studies and fixes keywords and key-phrases that we will target. The analysts may draw up a list of hundreds or thousands of keywords according to the competition online. Find out which search engines will be best suited for your PPC campaign.
  • To optimize pay per click charges we determine the opening bids for your web page in case of bid based PPC services
  • Measures and maximizes the success of the PPC campaign by designing and creating landing pages that can be used to guarantees better returns on your investment.

Optimize your PPC bids

Blue Pacific Infoline's expert's team makes a big, positive difference to the bid-based Pay per Click auction. To make the PPC bids efficient and also cost-effective, our specialist keep monitoring and making adjustments to the keywords list. We study the advertiser's needs and requirements thoroughly before quoting an opening bid price. This part of the job is particularly challenging as advertisers will not be interested in bidding higher if they don't get a website and keywords tailor-made for their needs. They must find prospective in your website before they invest money.

We take great care about the following things:-

  • SEO - Arranging and editing website content/keywords more relevant for the advertisers. This increases clicks.
  • Optimize ROI through adjustments in core plan.
  • Draft fresh copies to convert curiosity into clicks.
  • Avoiding unnecessary costs by removing clicks that do not convert to your business.

We let you know what worked and what not

Like many other online methods, Pay per Click campaigns teaches you many lessons. Blue Pacific Infoline Services picks up the hurdles on the way and incorporates the knowledge for future projects. To know what works and what does not, it's important to track PPC results. We look at these factors to find out how much we have succeeded in a particular PPC campaign:

  • Percentage of Impressions and clicks
  • Which clicks worked and which did not.
  • What kind of clicks & impressions work for your online marketing strategy

So if you are thinking to outsource to India your PPC campaign then you've come to the right place.

What are you waiting for, contact us and generate revenue on each click you get.