Payroll and Leave Management

How many of us are unknown to the overheads that are caused by non-core Human Resources Management Services like Payroll Processing, Leave Management System etc.? Employing such services in house not only requires a significant investment as far as the infrastructure and manpower is concerned but it also takes up a lot of the 'precious' time of the management and the other top-level managers.

An obvious question that arises is that, like every other business function can these be outsourced too? Yes, of course in fact HR Administration, Payroll Services and Leave management systems are those services that are the easiest to outsource and the most logical choice too.

Payroll and Leave management are those services that are common to all organizations; the effective management of 'Human Resource' through these services has become one of the most imperious and intricate process. So why not take help of people who are experts in this department and are also available at a very lower cost!!

Out of the abundant benefits of HR, Payroll and leave management outsourcing the most prominent among them can be listed as below:

  • Lots of savings in the infrastructure, with these need outsourced you can invest your time and money onto more important and core-processes.
  • You can use up the freed up resources to expand your business.
  • You are given the services of HR experts, but at a much lower cost as compared the costs you would have incurred if you had hired such experts in-house.
  • You don't have to enter into a long-term binding or contract and are not liable to the outsourcer once your work is completed.
  • Only pay for what you want and only pay if they work, not need to monthly salaries and other expenses that increase the overhead.

Now that you have enough benefits of outsourcing your Payroll and Leave management services like discuss each in element.

Ever since the beginning of time, companies have been hiring employees!! The obvious fact is that all company irrespective of their scale have to maintain payroll, either they hire experts to do that or the management does it by itself which is a in fact a waste of their 'valuable' time. So Payroll process outsourcing is precisely the best choice.

Leave management is a sort of complimentary of the payroll system; however it is entirely different at the same time. Leave management is a great solution for employees and managers like. Employees can keep a track of the paid time-off, available leaves and balance model and remain updated with their time-offs and leaves. Whereas managers can approve and reject time-offs or leaves, have a look at time model (as in time-earned, time-taken and time-remaining), view and analyze employee's time-off history.

While discussing externally managed payroll services and Leave Management services it is essential that we stress on the uniqueness of each company. Each company has its own distinct requirement as far as the functions such as Transaction entry, Client Billing, Salary System, Tax-return, IT strategy consultancy, process mapping, direct deposit to employees, Online Account Access, Reporting of costs and maintaining budgets and may more such functions are concerned.

At Blue Pacific Infoline we precisely understand this and that is why we always offer all of our valued customers with tailored yet robust and effective services. We also take the pain of including regional payroll requirements for instance Wages Protection system (WPS/SIF) support in UAE and Dubai. It is these small and painstaking details that have enabled us to provide the best-in-class quality, and our strategic location India where we can avail the rarity of cheaper skilled labor has enabled us to be extremely cost-effective and competitive as far as the economic aspects are concerned.

Now with that said, saving overhead costs, availing the benefits of expertise at lower prices, being able to expand your business and all the time remaining free of the hassle of payroll and leave management sounds like a blessing.

So, then you are just a click away from this godsend why not try it out??