Invoice Data Entry Services

Worried about a large number of documents that are to be fed to your software either Offline or Online??

Tired of handling a series of paper-based documents (e.g. transport orders, invoices, proofs of delivery etc.) which are received in hardcopy, scanned or fax format? You would obviously like to collect data from either or all of the above documents in order to store them, index them, use them in reports, use them in search queries, and make them available on-line. Since, both image and data must be available and searchable, it is important to extract relevant data from these documents. This requires significant manual efforts. The problem also gets compounded by the fact that these documents are not structured and are received from many different suppliers, so it is difficult to create a standard template of data storage.
As a consequence, OCR or automated tools cannot fully support your needs. Further, you may have hand-written documents that are not well handled by OCR technologies. Ideal way to automate processes is to outsource non-functional activities such as invoice data entry to a skilled partner who are experts at online data entry.

We at Blue Pacific Infoline possess a knowledgeable team of experienced data entry operators who have exceled over these years in methods of Data Extraction from Invoices, invoice processing, data entry for insurance claim processing, data entry to and from expense reports, data digitization, data integration, the art of data capture from billing forms and other such business data entry works.

We provide following details under this class of Service:

  • Invoice number / reference number
  • Date of invoice
  • Tax payment (GST / VAT)
  • Name and contact details of buyer
  • Name and contact details of seller
  • Date of product delivery
  • Purchase number
  • Product description
  • Number of units
  • Total amount charged
  • Payment terms etc.
  • Electronics or paper based invoices we manage all types of invoices.