Image Data Entry Services

Want your image data in desired data format?

Dev BPO, being one of the dedicated data entry company in India also provides image data entry and image data keying services to assist administrations in managing their scanned, replicated and imaged documents like directories, catalogues, reports, booklets etc. We convert these image documents into highly efficient and workable databases that let our clients to take those important strategic decisions for their organizations. Our services not only allow them to focus on their perspective businesses but easily collect, verify, reformat, and update the reproduced data, the way they want to. Our large selection of document imaging services offers a great choice of tools, immaterial of whether you are already outsourcing data entry services or you are planning to outsource your image data entry projects, we can guarantee you that we are the real deal.

It entails keying the data from images into the formats of their preference:

·        Data entry /data capture from scanned images (handwritten/printed)

·        Image data entry into databases or excel spreadsheets

·        Image data keying from imaged financial / medical / legal records

·        Image data storage and image data retrieval work

Outsourcing Image data entry services to Blue Pacific Infoline is a good choice if you want to save on your company costs.  By outsourcing to Blue Pacific Infoline, you have the following advantage:


  • Faster Turnaround Time – By outsourcing your data entry services for images to us, we ensure that your image data entry work is accomplished at a fast turnaround time without compromising on precision and quality.

  • Affordable pricing – Blue Pacific Infoline is just about the BPOs in India that can deliver you with good quality services at the cost-efficient price.

  • Privacy – By outsourcing image data entry services with us, you do not have to about the security and privacy of your important data.   

  • Skilled Manpower – Blue Pacific Infoline has skilled as well as highly competent staff members on its payroll. We are professionals and specialists in image data entry services.

  • Customer Assistance – At Blue Pacific Infoline, we offer customer care services on a 24/7 basis.

  • Quality Benchmarks – Blue Pacific Infoline sticks to stringent quality standards that include: image quality assessment, batch file quality assessment and reports on quality control.

Clients are free to send us scanned documents in formats like JPEG, PDF, TIFF, GIF or RTF, via mail attachments, CDs, DVDs or secured FTP connections. We work on these documents, accurately key them in user-defined databases (MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word sheets or any specified program), and deliver through mail attachments ,CDs/DVDs or upload on FTP server.


We ensure that we get the correct data at the first instance and whenever we face any problems in the process, we quickly put it up as a query to you and resolve the issue immediately to avoid the scope of errors in final output. We never allow the problems to multiply. We deliver on time, the size of the project being immaterial. This is achieved by ensuring that our people work in multiple shifts. We project the requirement of workforce and shift timings before finalization of the contract and make them available exclusively for the project and hence we always complete the project before time to avoid unnecessary follow-up by clients.

Microfilm / Microfiche

Microfilm or microfiche is an effective way of storing information and data, because it is stored up in a small film tape. The capacity of a one microfiche will differ with the volume of the documents archived; usually one microfiche has a storage capacity of   around 250 documents. Another justification why microfilm is favored over a CD-ROM is its ability to withstand temperature and dust.

Nonetheless, microfiche or microfilm also has a disadvantage and that is, it needs special equipment to copy or view the archived documents. Most of this equipment is generally expensive and this is exactly the reason why, not everyone can meet the expense of using microfilms. Another affordable way is to view documents is in your computer. At Blue Pacific Infoline, with our microfiche scanning services make this achievable for you, by scanning the microfiche in your computer.

When you have large amount of data stored in the microfiche, it becomes mandatory that this data is indexed properly to ensure easy searching for a specific portion of information. We ensure that we can set proper groups for your files as per your preference. For example, we can group under client name or alphabetic order etc.


Contact us and get started to use your image data in the format you desire and also for microfiche scanning service.