Image Clipping

Covert your bitmaps to vector images

Blue Pacific Infoline India has been providing vector graphics creation and conversion services for portrait studios since the time vector images started gaining popularity. Blue Pacific Infoline is an expertise in providing outsourcing solutions with several years of extensive experience in providing various imaging solutions and other outsourcing services. Just send in the images that you want to convert or create and we shall get to work in creating high quality vector graphics. Our team of photo editing professionals can work on your stationery, signs, banners, vehicle graphics and portraits amongst others.

For a portrait studio endeavoring to provide exceptionally artistic portraits to your clients, Blue Pacific Infoline is the right place. We understand the working of portrait creation and bring the same knowledge in our image vectoring services.

The difference between a bitmap image and vector image is this: bitmaps are composed of pixels while vector graphics are composed of paths. A bitmap image employs a network of individual pixels where each individual pixel can be a different shade or color. In vectors graphics, mathematical relationships between points and the paths connecting them, rather than pixels, are used to describe an image. Our photo editing experts can convert your raster (bitmap) image to a vector illustration within the shortest possible time. We can completely redraw your image by making use of the smallest number of points possible. The idea is to have as few points as possible to keep the size of the file as low as possible simultaneously keeping maintaining the quality of the picture as it was.

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