Form Processing

Convert your forms to soft data formats of you choosing

Information on a paper (hard copy) used for statistics and cross analysis has all the times been a headache. The solution to the problem is to changing the hard copies to soft copy documents or maybe in digital file format so that data or information could be retrieved with just a click and the short summary appears on your monitor.


Form processing is an important criterion for the success of Human resource and growth campaign.  The art of form processing is quite different from other data processing in many respects. To cash on in this rising phenomenon Blue Pacific Infoline has garnered enough expertise in the field of Forms Processing to deliver accurate, timely and on budget services. We have a wide experience in dealing with form data entry and an expertise in insurance questionnaires and insurance claim forms which are collectively called insurance forms.


Dev BPO can convert STRUCTURED (well formatted forms in tabular/column designs) as well as UNSTRUCTURED (questionnaires/survey forms) Forms. However, whatever may be the format of the document ranging from paper, microfilm, slides or even drawings, our 5 years of experience in converting documents will give you the highest data quality in the most cost efficient manner possible. So if you have huge piles of forms waiting to be handled then Blue Pacific Infoline, which is one of the leading data entry outsourcing BPOs in India is just a click afar!

Our service can be applied for:

·          Insurance Claims Questionnaires / Surveys

·        Market Research Forms Processing

·        Product Registration Forms

·        Coupon Redemption Forms

·        Order Forms

·        Vouchers

·        University Registration

·        Competition Slips / Prize Draw Slips

·        Service Coupons / Invoices

·        Enrolment Forms / Research Forms / Application forms / Subscription Forms

·        Credit Cards Form Processing

·        Loans Application Processing

·        Examination Forms Processing

·        Results Processing

·        License Forms Processing

·           Employees Record and Data Management

·           Processing for Logistics Firms / Shipping   Documents

·          Healthcare Check-up Forms Processing

·          Census Forms Processing

·          Utility Bills Processing

·          Travel Claim Forms

·          Data Conversion

·         Any type of Online or offline Forms

Form processing service includes mining out information from customized or structured forms, scanned images and faxes and updating them on a variety of outputs. We process questionnaires, surveys and application forms on a regular basis.

Form Processing Procedure

  • The forms are for the post part transmitted electronically. These are generally scanned and are made accessible at the client’s protected FTP server. We download these canned images from the FTP server for processing onwards.

  • Afterwards, the images are inserted in the customized software.

  • A database is built and the fields are inserted depending on the requirements of the customer

  • Data in the database is tested and the quality is also tested before being sent.    


Blue Pacific Infoline specializes in form processing outsource and our very first priority is normally to deliver timely and high quality form processing services to our clients. We have the ability and capacity to assimilate with latest technology and new systems. We can easily in addition take care of the forms by scanning or manual data entry process or by utilizing validation tools to guarantee high accuracy till the end. We can help in beneficial transactions. Our highly skilled and dedicated staff have the capability in dealing with any kind of form processing work and match your expectations. Our clients save on costs and save on resources and manpower and are able to focus on their main business by outsourcing their form processing to us.

Contact us for form processing service in India and form processing service in Dubai and get going.