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For those who do not know anything about data mining it is a rather a straight forward process of learning new patterns from large data sets so that they can be utilized to make human understandable statistics. Still confused on: what is data mining service all about? Put in simple terms data mining is just understanding databases and deriving stats from them.


Data Mining Services help companies get vital information for their study along with marketing promotions. Since this process demands specialists with very good expertise in net research or research online, clients could take advantage of entrusting outsource data mining, Data Collection, Data Extraction along with Capturing Data, Web Exploration, Web Harvesting tasks and use Blue Pacific Infoline’s services an extremely reasonably competitive price.

Blue Pacific Infoline which in one of the pacesetters of data mining services in India can help organizations in uncovering patterns hidden in their data that can be effectively used to predict the behavior of customers, processes and products. Our unsurpassed Data Mining BPO Services help you to locate and appeal to higher value customers, reconfigure product offerings to increase sales and minimize losses due to error or fraud.


We at Blue Pacific Infoline employ innovative data mining techniques which include SQL data mining and the use of custom developed data mining applications. We can help you in bringing more precision in your decision making thereby offering you cost controlling and increased revenues. We adhere to standard Data Mining practices of classification, clustering, regression, time series, association and link analysis. We can comfortably handle data sets of any size and volume with expected accuracy and time limit.

Since you will find a lot of internet pages on the internet at present, and even more brand new internet sites are generally hosted, along with information in existing websites are updated on a daily basis, companies are needed to update their websites on a regular basis by inserting new data, update present databases and create mailing lists. To aid these people, our data mining company delivers the web research and data mining services that are useful for:

  • Data Collection

  • Data Extraction

  • Metadata Extraction

  • Web Data Mining

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Data Interpretation

  • Data Classification in pre-defined groups

  • Data Clustering in non-predefined groups

  • Locate relationship between variables

  • Locate functions that can model data with fewer errors

  • Pre-processing of data from data warehouse

  • Online news information research

  • E-mail id Collection

  • Company Information Collection

  • Mailing List Search

  • Screen Scrapping to Excel, Access, MS-SQL, MySQL tables, comma delimited file

Data Mining Services along and Exploration Services include:

  • Collection and Extraction of data -- gathering information established on customer needs found from various websites through a manual or maybe automatic method.

  • Running custom-built scripts for extraction of data or capturing data from internet sites with enormous volume of data which usually saves time along with expenses.

  • Automatically add information into preferred output formats such as CSV formats, MS Access, MS Excel or any additional formats as per the customer requirement.  

  • Making e-mail lists with information just like title, name, business information, address, email, fax, telephone number, website etc. for marketing promotions and advertisements.

  • Gathering product information such as product type, quantity, product rates, product images via different internet sites or maybe item catalogues, and with entering them into online web portals or content management systems.

  • Examining for product Updates such as availability of products or product descriptions which change every now and then, product prices and bringing up to date the database of e-commerce portals.

  • Web Exploration -- is a method in which we seek for and provide information which is frequently changing and fluid. With our workforce having experience, we do online research or world-wide-web research, and locate pertinent information as required with different combinations of keywords in search engines mine the vital information for research.

  • Web Scraping -- is a method to help remove the content from distinct internet sites and putting them in various formats such as MS, Access, MS Excel or any other file format in line with customer needs.

Data Mining Services provided by Blue Pacific Infoline

1.       Web research and data extraction

2.     Yellow / White pages data extraction

3.     Survey Questionnaire data processing

4.     Mailing list compilation and updation

Your Data Mining search ends here. We are one of the most reliable data mining companies. For data mining in India solutions contact us now and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed.