Data Entry & Data Management

Data Entry and Data Management are an important requirement of any Business. Data entry is a crucial process to enter useful information to CRMs or databases to enable to use this information for advanced analysis. It requires expertise to improve the performance and regular competency. Data management  enables you to access relevant and quality data in order to take valuable decisions.

Blue Pacific Infoline is one of the best outsourcing and data entry companies in India. We are providing various data management related services to our clients to improve their business growth with different data entry outsource and IT services like Data entry service both online & offline, invoice data entry, image data entry services, data cleansing and scrubbing, data enrichment, data conversion amongst different digital data formats, large volume data processing, form processing, data backups in desired formats. We also provide data mining services like web research, Yellow / white page data extraction, survey questionnaire processing, mailing list preparation and real time updating of mailing lists, Digital content conversion and many more such services as per the requirements of our clients. In addition to above services, we also deal with HTML conversion, product data entry on e-commerce, PDF conversion, OCR-scanning, coupons data entry, clinical data entry and many more.


We believe in a standardized data management system. Our experienced data operators and QC staff are dedicated to provide complete and accurate services to our worldwide customers at lowest cost possible and optimum turnaround time. We offer cheapest and the most competitive rate in the industry for data processing having most efficient and professionally trained employee base. With the high-tech and specialized data management center at Blue Pacific Infoline run by proficient data managers, all your worries be it: product data management or quality data management and even data administration work outsourcing, would come to an end.

What is the need of the hour? Outsourcing...

The trend of outsourcing, especially offshore, has accelerated dramatically in recent years. The amount of data entry work outsourced to countries like India is tremendous because outsourcing is a wide and profitable option for those who would like to concentrate on core processes and leave their data entry and management work to a reliable service provider who specializes in that field.


Offshore outsourcing refers to the increasing trend of relocating entire business functions to third party service providers, typically the ones located in low-cost locations. Many companies and organizations today prefer to outsource works to offshore locations, as it proves to be cost effective and more profitable option, and removes management headaches as well.

To conclude, outsourcing saves time, money and also builds a positive image of your business. And the image of your business is built upon approachability and repute. One of the major advantages which are time and again ignored is that it gives a business a skilled and refined image. Support and clerical jobs are run in a consistent way which lets your time and resources to pay attention on work on your core areas.

Over and above these advantages, outsourcing can help in permanent or momentary rise or fall in businesses and is able to act as a catalyst for higher growth which is impossible to achieve alone. But as in all businesses, outsourcing has its share of shortcomings. You need to be certain on the dependability of your outsourcing partner. Make sure you have done enough research before choosing an outsourcing partner.

We are one of the most reliable business process outsourcing companies in India. We are experts in Data Entry in India and Data Entry in Dubai as well. Therefore, don’t wait! Outsource data entry to us and we promise you will be completely satisfied with our outsourcing and Data Entry Company.

Our Range of Data Management Services is listed below:-

1.    Data Entry Services – Online and offline

2.    Invoice data entry services

3.    Image data entry services

4.     Data Extraction

5.    Data cleansing and scrubbing

6.    Data enrichment

7.    Data conversion

8.     Data analysis

9.    Large volume data processing

10.  Form processing

11.  Data Mining

12.  Web research and data extraction

13.  Yellow - White pages data extraction

14.  Survey Questionnaire data processing

15.  Mailing list compilation and updation