Data Entry (Online & Offline)

Offline Data Entry

Blue Pacific Infoline provides offline data entry services with high level of accuracy, timely deliveries, total confidentiality and cost effective data entry outsourcing. Our data entry Division offers most comprehensive range of high quality and low cost data entry services ideally suited to high volume data entry projects.

Our clients regularly outsource their data entry work to us because of our excellent work on low cost. Data entry outsourcing is a wide profitable option for those who would like to concentrate on core processes and leave data entry work to reliable service providers who are experts in the data entry field.

Don't tie down your office staff with mindless data entry work. Instead you may use their time and talents to best advantage by leaving all your data entry for us to deal with. Now a day most of the companies and organizations prefer to outsource data entry work to offshore locations, as it shows to be a cost effective and more profitable option.

Online Data Entry

Our data entry division provides most comprehensive range of online high quality data entry services at unbelievably lower cost. Online data entry work is suited to every (low/high) volume data entry projects.

We provide high accuracy in our data entry effort. Our team has proficiency in handling on line data entry projects and we can deal with any projects since we have a setup to meet your requirements on the optimum level.

Online data entry can be made over Web based data management systems designed by your company or to be designed by us. In special kind of  online data entry projects, our technical team makes it possible to provide online login levels to your present office systems and the data entry work is done on your office systems by (remote login of our staff) itself ensuring 100 % confidentiality and real-time monitoring of your data. The data need not move at all out of your office systems but the work is remotely done by entering directly to your local office systems. Our technical team makes it possible that one computer system in your office simultaneously supports more than one data operators from our office to remotely feed the data thereby completing the work by optimum utilization of limited system resources available at your office. Such data entry work can also be done directly to the software being used at your office and the data updated there online can be used by you from next second from its data entry.

Online data entry at Blue Pacific Infoline includes the following specialized services:-

  1. Online data entry for product catalogue
  2. Online data entry for e-books
  3. Business card online data entry
  4. Image online data entry
  5. Medical Claim forms data entry
  6. Shipping documentation data entry
  7. Subscription online data entry
  8. Credit card and usage data entry
  9. Hand written forms online data directly to company software
  10. Insurance claim form data entry
  11. Receipt bill online data entry
  12. Online copy, paste, editing of data of any kind

Just contact us and relieve yourself from large volumes of data entry need it be Online or offline.