Data Enrichment

Ever had a situation where you might have thought that a better database would have made a lot of difference??

As your business grows, so does your customer base and in such a situation it becomes difficult to concentrate on keeping your database updated. This can end up in you having a database that has records that are either too old or outdated and of no use to you now.

This is where the "Data Enrichment" Services that are offered by Blue Pacific Infoline can help you by targeting the right set of customers in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. Your marketing efforts and money often may go wasted if you meet dead ends because your database either has old addresses, inaccurate phone numbers, incomplete email ids and other irregularities. A lot of firms that are essentially data cleansing companies offer the service of data enrichment and do cleansing of data, however we at Blue Pacific Infoline know the subtle difference between data cleansing and enrichment, we know that the very art of data enrichment requires a lot to be done besides data cleansing so our catalogue includes data enhancement, data integration services to logically relate business data and customer data and the use of data mining services to gather new relevant data for your already enhanced data set.

We can help you in updating the inaccurate, obsolete or incomplete data contained in your database so that you can accurately research prospects and ensure that your marketing appeal reaches the intended customer. We can also analyze your data and suggest some new variables or items to enrich your database and thus help to form your overall business strategy. We can suggest variables like Year Founded, SIC Code-Industry, Turnover, Net worth, Trading Activity and many more. Through these variables you can easily identify similar companies and target them with your marketing capabilities with more chances of hitting the target.

The Services offered by us in this particular division are as follows:-

  • Accuracy of Customer Data Verification
  • Removal of Duplicate and Obsolete Records
  • Consolidation of Multiple Data Sources
  • Analysis of Database & Identification of Key Variables to ensure reach among targeted customers
  • Data Validation- postcode, zip code, email, URL

So, what are you waiting for contact us and enrich your data....