Data Cleansing & Scrubbing

Want to optimize utility of your data - Solution is with us

It happens sometimes that you might have a large database, but what use would it be to you if the information contained in it has become outdated even maybe the information is either incomplete or inaccurate.  That is where the concept of clean data comes in picture. So what is data cleaning exactly?


Have you ever experienced that your mails have been returned on account of inaccurate/incomplete address or worse still, because the person you have mailed has died? Your outdated data may cause offence to many in this way and you would also lose a lot on your marketing budget. We help you stay on Top of Your Data Quality. In today's fast moving and competitive world, it is no wonder if the database that you have built over years becomes obsolete in a few days.


Data scrubbing, also known as data cleansing, is a technique of removing or adding data in a database which is not correct, not complete, duplicated or not properly formatted. An enterprise in a data-intensive area like insurance, banking, telecommunications, retailing or transportation may utilize a data scrubbing or data cleansing tool to be able to systematically study data for mistakes with the help of algorithms, rules, and also look-up tables. Usually, a data cleansing tool is made up of programs which are proficient in solving many specific kinds of mistakes, for example inserting missing zip codes or locating replicate records. By utilizing data scrubbing tools, a database administrator can save a considerable amount of time and is also less expensive than correcting errors manually.


Blue Pacific Infoline is one of the best data cleansing companies in India we are here to help you by our professionally trained employees who not only have the necessary experience but also have proven expertise in the field of Cleansing/Scrubbing your invaluable data-base. Blue Pacific Infoline, being a leading bpo service provider in India delivers on both these expectations, having 5 years long experience and market established leadership in the field of Data Cleansing/Data Scrubbing enables us to provide services at cost effective prices along with the highest quality.


We ensure that your database is accurate, up-to-date and free from any irregularities in terms of address, postcode/zip code, telephone numbers, email ids and that it does not contain any data that relates to the dead. Data cleaning process works on complex data warehousing concepts, and it includes address validation; data clean up, data consolidation and email list cleaning.


In which areas this service can be applied

  • Standardization and Normalization of Data

  • De-Duplication of Data

  • Verification of Customer Data Accuracy

  • Verification of Email Id or URL Accuracy

  • Mailing List Cleanup

  • Identification of incorrect / missing / incomplete / obsolete data

  • Identification and Tagging of similar records with subsequent manual review

  • Comparison and removal of records matching third party information, such as

  • Opt-in and opt-out list

  • Lessening the quantity of undeliverable mail

  • On Demand Cleansing, Real Time or Batch as demanded by the clients

  • Merge Purge

Advantages of Data Scrubbing/Data Cleansing

  • Accurate data is actually highly reliable and also saves plenty of expenses through saving time and money which usually are wasted as a result of imprecise data.

  • Analysis of data which is not accurate can create wild outcomes which can be highly deceptive in business decision making. Data Scrubbing provides accurate data with completeness, thereby saving your time and money.

  • Data Validation along with Data Verification can give a highly precise mailing list for promotions. This way a business can save a lot of expenses, and boosts marketing Return on Investment.

  • Increases Organizational Performance along with Productivity and ultimately Profitability.

  • By outsourcing data scrubbing or data cleansing services will certainly benefit anyone in making use of skilled workforce with vast knowledge and experience in managing vital data.

  • Outsourcing data cleansing service to a data cleansing company will assist you in saving costs along with resources, letting you to focus more on the core areas your respective business.

  • Data validation plus data verification process will reduce the errors and ensures your data will be useful and meaningful, which results in increase in effectiveness and productivity of any organization.

So if you want your data cleansed, try our services and make use of your data effectively. Just contact us for data cleansing outsource and for data cleansing in India and data cleansing in Dubai.