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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of the fastest growing segments of the Information Technology Enabled Services industry. With Blue Pacific Infoline's Call Center Service, most of the issues whether large or small could be identified and solved because  the call center service of Blue Pacific Infoline can assist the particular customer in the particular areas and that is what most of the customers are concerned about. We offer world-class BPO Call Center Outsourcing solutions and BPO services to promote the success of our clients by providing innovative technologies, value-added applications and services. We are doing our best for the highest customer satisfaction of our customers by offering superior BPO Call Center services such as Call Center Services Outsourcing, Telemarketing Call Center Services, Inbound Call Administration Services, Outbound Call Center services, Outbound Telesales Services and Inbound Telemarketing Services. We are committed to quality in all our efforts.

Blue Pacific Infoline ranks among one of the fastest growing call center outsourcing firms in India. We specialize in offering basic customer care services. With our robust infrastructure we embark to manage all our projects as efficiently as possible.

We value the latest technological developments to meet the growing needs of our customers. In this regard, we have involved certain innovative techniques like that of call blending, voice logging, fax on demand, dialer software and much more to offer improved service to our clients and meeting their call center outsourcing requirements.

We specialize in offering all forms of the call center services. The BPO services on offer, at Blue Pacific Infoline are segmented under inbound call center customer service and outbound customer service. Our main focus is on process optimization that ensures all clients to get reduced costs while converting their business operations leading to sustainable benefits. Our emphasis is on increasing the profitability and the efficiency to meet the needs of our diverse patrons of the clients.

Why Blue Pacific Infoline Services?

Blue Pacific Infoline Services include skilled manpower and expertise to organize and manage huge inbound and outbound call center services. Our entire team of technical experts comprise of qualified, well-versed and proficient call center agents who can handle massive volumes of day to day calls professionally.

All our technical staff has to go through is an in-house training aimed at bringing customer satisfaction. It starts from greeting customers over the phone calls and later continuing with the answering services including calls pertaining to lead generation, collections, sales, customer care programs, follow-up calls, verifications of market research and surveys. If you are looking to outsource call center services then Blue Pacific Infoline which is one of the fastest growing call centers in India.

Call Center Outsourcing Benefits Include:

  • Saving on the labor costs
  • Multi-channel approach
  • Savings through the operational efficiencies
  • Ability to handle high volume of calls

Call Center Services

  1. Inbound Call Administration
  2. Outbound Telesales
  3. Telephonics Surveys