Virtual Accountant

If you are out there a small company there, unable to manage your accounts and financial data, then all you need is the service of virtual bookkeeping assistant.

The virtual accounting or bookkeeping service is performed by virtual CA/virtual accountant, virtual bookkeeper

Why resort to virtual bookkeeping services?

  • Advantage of bookkeeping and accounting services at cheapest rates
  • Easily accessible services
  • You pay only for what you ask them to do
  • Frees your office space and office time
  • No binding you by agreements

Following are the virtual bookkeeping services that we provide:

  1. Setting up of online accounting software. Generally, we are using Quickbooks Pro, but we can align our working method to our client’s need.
  2. Accounts payable: we help coding, posting, bill paying and maintaining of vendor master files.
  3. Accounts receivable: we help coding, posting of cash receipts and sales, invoicing statements, reconciling and maintaining customer master files.
  4. General ledger: we help in adjusting entries in your ledger.
  5. Financial reporting: we help in reporting balance, income, expenses and net profit reporting
  6. We calculate job expenses-in terms of their salaries and other monetary and other non-monetary benefits they receive.
  7. Form preparations: we also prepare income tax, sales tax, property tax related documents.

All in all, we ensure you to provide your business customized accounting services tailored towards your business’s unique needs and requirements. Contact us today!