Virtual IT Assistant

If you are out there a small company or a big one, either of which facing IT  problems and cannot keep to yourself because you're a small company or because you're a big one wanting to focus on your core functions, then a virtual IT assistant is what you're really looking for.

The job description of the virtual IT assistant includes knowledge on computer operations, help desk services, solving networking problems. In nutshell, the IT assistant also known as network assistant looks after the information technology needs of your business.

Our, virtual IT assistants can help you troubleshoot all your IT problems. Our IT assistant's skills include Microsoft office issues, open source software issues, virus, spyware malware rescue, virtual presentation help, data recovery and backup. Internet communications support system includes email services, social and professional calendars, increasing your business through social networking and website support services.

With the growth in technology and web 2.0 interfaces, the need of IT assistants is on surge.

Following are the services that our virtual IT assistants offer:

  1. With regards to the network issues, our IT assistants, looks after the issues involved with trouble shooting, network connectivity, etc.
  2. With regards to telephony, our IT assistants, deals with problems involving administration and maintenance of telephone system of your company, help in creation of new hire telephone and voicemail extensions.
  3. With regards to the internal system services, the virtual IT assistants in supporting corporate applications, internal corporate servers and desktops, helps with troubleshooting, backup and archiving, helps install and improve computer software and network equipment.
  4. Helps answer all trouble calls and monitors the proper accessing of files, programs and hardware to maintain, a secure and confidential electronic environment.
  5. Assists with buying of IT related equipment.

Thus whatever you require, from a simple computer repair, to configuring a network connectivity problem or to software testing to for enhancing public image through the use of IT, be rest assured that our virtual IT assistant is right here for you.

So, hire our virtual IT assistant and let us help you fix your problem and provide you support so your business can utilize the newest technology available, efficiently, while you focus on your core business activities.