Virtual Assistance - A magic pill of growth for every business

Virtual Assistance, a Virtual Business Model, essentially involves electronic transactions as opposed to the conventional brick and mortar business which involves face-to face transactions regarding all work.

With the growth of World Wide Web, the medium of internet has made it possible to sell many products and services without an actual presence of physical store. Thus, came in names such as,, etc. But, now not only buy and selling is possible over the net, but assistance in terms of various work related services have also been possible, with the onset of Virtual Assistance services or Virtual Assistance Business Model or just Virtual Assistance (VA).

Thus,a virtual assistant is expected to provide a series of services to the client who has hired him/her and who themselves have established a brick and mortar businesses. The virtual assistants being qualified professionals provide professional level technical, administrative and creative services to their clients.

Why is there a need to work virtually?

Internet has changed the way we do business today. With the ongoing trends of privatization and globalization, many business companies over the world are wanting to expand their operations and thus market share. Most of these companies in the process of expansion, wouldn’t want to spend more on various other operations. So, what they actually end up doing is that they outsource their work to virtual assistants. These people will work from their home and over internet and the company client is not entitled to provide them with office space or any of such related infrastructure and other benefits related to employees, for these VAs are not employees, they are simply contractors. They are only entitled to their payment according to the contract.

So, the company clients can easily focus on their core business activities and outsource the rest to the VAs over and above this whats important is that they need not even arrange for office related infrastructure and other employee benefits, a bonus much!

However, be cautious and calculate the risks, for we care about your business growth

Presence of virtual assistants can help you save money and time by handling your non-core that too without any investment in terms of infrastructure nor do you have any obligations towards the VA you have just hired. Then again like the other side of the coin there are certain limitations to this model too, like a lot of problem is caused if the computer, internet, telephone or electricity malfunctions. One more problem that may be there would be that Virtual Assistants may be quite hard to monitor and supervise since they are not physically with you.

Anyways, it is quite clear that the advantages overpower the limitations, so all you need to do is be thoughtful on whom you hire and where he/she is from.


Know the Growth of VA services


With the growth of the technology and deeper penetration of internet services and growth of business, the growth of virtual assistants is on surge at 10% a year. The percentage growth is said increase in future with further growths. The general rates of virtual assistants ranges from a tiny $4 to the gigantic $250 per hour and it may alter depending upon candidate to candidate.

Now with their own growth story, the VAs are finding more and more ways to branch out in new areas and specialized sectors of business.

Following are the different areas in which Vas specialize:

  • Real estate/mortgage professionals'  support
  • General administrative support/Virtual secretary/Virtual administrative assistant
  • Virtual SEO
  • Executive support
  • Desktop publishing
  • Marketing support
  • Organization and association management/Virtual office assistants/Virtual office assistance services
  • Web hosting and design
  • Accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Presentation planning and assistance
  • Concierge and event planning
  • Legal support
  • Content writing
  • Copy writing
  • Editing and proofreading services
  • Transcription services
  • Human resources support
  • Medical office support
  • Administrative support for coaches (business, life, etc.)
  • Travel planning
  • Training manual writing and planning
  • Speaking engagements
  • Support for consultants
  • Writing/editing support for authors and independent publishers
  • Entrepreneur and small business owner support
  • Support for financial advisors
  • Support for nonprofit organizations
  • Support for job seekers or professionals looking to make a career change
  • Support for "head-hunters" or executive search firms
  • Support for mental health professionals/therapists
  • Tech support for computer networking
  • Customer service support for clients via email and/or telephone

Different specialized services provided under VAS:

Blue Pacific Infoline, a leading outsourcing firm, is now getting its hands on virtual outsourcing as well.  Now we hire virtual assistants. Our service  have presence of Virtual Assistants in UK, UAE, and India. We provide our clients with virtual assistants for administrative, technical, and creative assistance to legal firms and business enterprises. We provide a gamut of services through our virtual assistants, which include: